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Melodies of Midgar: Interlude - Limited Edition Vinyl

Melodies of Midgar: Interlude - Limited Edition Vinyl

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Are you eagerly awaiting the release of FF7Rebirth? So are we! While you wait, why not give Melodies of Midgar Interlude a spin? This expanded album orchestrated by Pontus Hultgren is an exclusive KupoCon item. With its fiery pressed vinyl, and gorgeous artwork, this is definitely one for the collection.

This will have a limited run on 200 copies. 

1. Mako Reactor
2. Anxious Heart
3. Flowers Blooming in the Church
4. Turks' Theme
5. Shinra Inc.

1. Crazy Motorcycle
2. Holding My Thoughts in My Heart
3. The Promised Land
4. Collapsed Expressway
5. Hollow Skies

*This vinyl was produced by the same company who brought you the Mogzart volume 1 & 2 vinyls*

*Maximum 2 vinyls per person* 

*Kindly avoid including additional items in this order. Due to its specific shape and size, any additional items added to the order will be canceled and refunded.*

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